active ilos

Plan all your individual customer services from A to Z in only one single system – no problem with active ilos.

Thanks to the combination of professional warehouse management, lean resource planning and a functioning supply chain management system, your logistics departments will become the heart of operations. For standardized processes or any kind of special requirements. For small and medium-sized companies.

Multiple Benefit

active warehouse plus provides the added value for your value-added services.

  • Flexible. Manage your specific information on suppliers, merchants and customers in one single system. Attach to each of your customers, suppliers, varying terms and conditions, price lists and logistics data. Edit and manage the parts lists for your production process.
  • Unique. The user can rearrange „his“ screen according to the processes and information that is needed. Without extra programming.
  • Intuitive. The user interfaces are designed according to current standards and are easy to get familiar with despite the large range of functions.
  • Comprehensive. A single system for all ERP and WMS functions that are needed.
  • Open. With many interfaces to over or subordinated systems and mobile devices such as smart phones, PDA, barcode scanners, forklift terminals, etc.