Refreshingly positive ... what our customers say.

For many years active logistics has cooperated closely with more than 400 logistic companies, with

  • 1,700 locations throughout Europe,
  • 8,000 vehicle installations with mobile data communication/ telematics,
  • 25,000 users in the computer centre with different application scenarios from EDI services to Saas/ASP.

This ranges from the small and medium-sized companies to the TOP 100 of the logistics sector. From national to international service providers. Many companies, more users and long-term business relations. These are already important indicators of satisfied customers.

Even better if the customers get in direct touch with us to express their satisfaction. 

The excellent service and the direct and safe access to our data in the active logistics computer centre represent another decisive advantage in competition with other companies.
Georg Köhler, managing director System Alliance Ltd.

"The DLE (Dynamic Logic Engine) – the work flow system of active logistics – is the best I have ever seen. We could use these tools to make individual adjustments for the NOSTA GRUPPE saving a lot of time and money in the daily business. During the night the DLE is used to carry out test runs which are used to call the users’ attention to peculiarities and possible errors. The packing material sector could be revived with some “bricks”."
Udo Kaiser, IT manager and process management, NOSTA GRUPPE.

"First of all I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the excellent collaboration. „In the meantime there are other projects pending and I am convinced that they will be carried out with the same quality service.”
Jean Claude Gutnick, general and informatics manager of Streck Transportges. mbH in Lörrach/Germany.

We are glad that experienced developers were involved in the project. The well-founded background knowledge of the staff of active logistics considerably contributed to a high degree of acceptance of the solution”.
Christian Praxmarer, general manager, AFS All Freight Systems.

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