active smart tour

The solution for AI-based route planning

An AI-based route optimisation that works with all Transport Management Systems (TMS), saves a lot of time and effort for transport service providers, and takes care of your route planning most efficiently. Numerous additional factors that are otherwise hardly considered are incorporated into this planning.


  • For logistics service providers in the logistics, trade, and industrial sectors
  • Route planning for short haul (deliveries and pick-ups)
  • Consideration of current and past influencing factors
  • Automatic planning of pick-up shipments in ongoing operations
  • Supports route planning and monitoring in the dispatch department
  • Comprehensive route monitoring


  • Highly integrative, modern application

  • An AI-supported route planning

  • Service-oriented, modern web portal

  • A TMS-independent, browser-based solution

  • An operating system-independent solution

  • Licence-free database concept

Functions and Advantages

  • AI-supported planning of pick-up shipments on ongoing routes

  • AI-supported control and optimisation of routes

  • Automating route generation

  • Transparency in the delivery/pick-up process

  • Saving time during route planning (up to 90%)

  • Significant cost savings (up to 30%)

  • CO₂ savings due to shortened routes

  • Reliable dispatching of appointment shipments

  • Route visualisation in the HERE map

  • Control of route progress in the route monitoring

  • Modern, appealing GUI design

  • Integration in every Transport Management System

  • Connection using standard web service interfaces




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